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Fishing at Rosecraddoc Manor

Fishing is available at Rosecraddoc Manor, located opposite the entrance to Rosecraddoc Holiday Village. If you would like to fish during your stay a Fishing permit can be purchased from the Village Inn bar and Restaurant or from Alex or Clive at ‘Ashlea’, the house at the entrance to the village.

We hope you enjoy your time fishing, however we ask that you follow the guidelines set out here. Firstly in order to be able to fish you must be a holder of a rod license, and have your own equipment. We do not provide, or have any equipment for hire.

Please help us to keep the lake free of the disease SVC. Before fishing please dip nets, reels and landing mats etc in FERM 30 DISINFECTANT SOLUTION. Kindly wipe the underneath of trolleys and brush mud from boots and dip the bottoms. Then thoroughly rinse in clean water as this disinfectant can harm fish. A dipping shed is situated near reception.

  • Only barbless fishing hooks to be used
  • No Keep Nets or Carp Sacks
  • Landing Nets to be Used
  • All Fish to be returned
  • No hemp, nuts or boilies (boilie paste can be used)
  • No Night Fishing
  • Do not allow children to throw stones into the lake
  • Please use the litterbins provided for any waste.
  • For the enjoyment of other guests keep noise to a minimum.

We hope you enjoy fishing at Rosecraddoc Manor during your stay.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask and will endeavour to assist you.


Adult One Day Pass £7.50 Weekly Pass £30.00
Child One Day Pass £5.00 Weekly Pass £15.00

(Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times)